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In Memoriam: Ricky Burrus


Ricky was one of those people you meet that always had a smile on his face, never had a bad word to say about anyone, and would do anything for you. I was fortunately enough to work with him personally and professionally. As we formed our chapter of Rolling Thunder, he was the first one to blindly offer to help me with our website, even though he had no idea what to do. We would sit up in his office at home and work on his computer trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. He was super invested in the Rolling Thunder mission and always made sure we were focused on it. He really loved his bike and had put more miles on it than a traveling salesman does in a career. He clean-cut demeanor and appearance made him standout among us misfits in the group. Even though he wasn’t tall in height, he stood tall among us all. I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say his time with us was way too short. We were all blessed to have known him and his family and I am personally grateful for the time I spent with him. He was a rare breed. He is, and will always be missed. Rest in peace my brother and may you ride free in the heavens forever. ~ David Schmidt

My regret is for not knowing Rick Burrus any better. We talked briefly at the Coffee Bean after R/T meetings and had conversations about various things. Rick came across to me as a very kind and caring person, who was always interested in what I was saying, especially where I immigrated from. I wish that I had met him years ago. People like Rick are few to find. ~ John Minasian

I knew Rick for a short time. He was a true gentleman with a kind heart. I respected & admired him for the short time I knew him. ~ Paula Roberts

He was proud to be an American and dedicated to serve his Country. He was a person you could count on no matter how well or long he knew you and would always go the extra step. He enjoyed talking about his role in the service and loved his Family and his Rolling Thunder brothers. And he LOVED his motorcycle! ~ Howard Schmidt

Ricky was a good friend for about 10 years. I enjoyed many rides and dinners with him over the years. I feel like he was a brother, and would help in any way. He was active in so many groups and gave his all to everyone. I hold my memory of Ricky in the top five of people in my life. ~ Russ “GOG” Miller

I had the honor of meeting Ricky several years ago, while Rolling Thunder was forming into a chapter. I was immediately impressed with Ricky’s affable nature. He was simply always happy and excited to work on a veteran project or ride his beautiful motorcycle “Ruby”. What I remember most of Ricky was a phrase he often imparted to us all. We would discuss our progress or a project at great length, and Ricky would say out loud, “That is fine, but what did we do to help a Veteran today?”. It was that poignant phrase and his endless enthusiasm and energy that I will always remember, and I will miss. He was a great man and he kept us focused on what was truly important. It was my pleasure and honor to know him and to be one of his friends. Godspeed Ricky. We love you and miss you Brother. ~ Joe Galante